The Morning Dump: 4/23/12

I hope you all had a great weekend and Monday isn’t hitting you too hard this morning.  I spent the weekend buying a new minivan, falling back in love with “The Last Waltz” and listening to my Chloe sing Tom Morello.  How was yours?

The Flyers send Sid The Kid home early.(Eric Hartline, US Presswire)

The Flyers and Kings sent 2 of the Stanley Cup favorites home yesterday.  The Canucks were never in the series and the Pens were never able to match the aggression of the Flyers.

Bruins vs Capitals Game 7 should be great on Wednesday night.  I am going with the Bruins(which means it’s Wash all the way).

Metta World Peace did his best Jon “Bones” Jones impersonation on the side of James Harden’s head.  It was a flagrant hit but Hardan shouldn’t have tried to give him that subtle shoulder rub as he went by.  He was asking for contact.

Peek-a-Boo (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)

Big time comeback win by the Lakers over the Thunder.  Kobe is straight clutch and nobody hits as many impossible shots as Kobe.  If the Thunder face the Lakers in the 2nd round the Lakers will win.

Denny Hamlin wins another boring NASCAR race yesterday. 

The Angels need Pujols' double swing to become a HR swing.

Albert Pujols is still sitting on a big HR goose egg and the Angels need his bat if they are ever going to catch the Rangers.

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona were not able to overcome Real Madrid and will fall short of the La Liga title.


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