The Morning Dump: 4/24/12

Richard Nixon's Secretary of Defense (US Presswire)

Here are my thoughts on the New Orleans Saints and all the things going on.

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”- Robert Earl Keen

John L. Smith was hired at Arkansas as their head football coach.  3 thoughts…  1. No 24-year-old would sleep with Smith.  2. Why would Smith sign a 1 year contract?  3. Smith burned Weber State(his alumni) in leaving.

Chris Kreider and the Rangers (AP)

Big win from the Rangers to force game 7 against the Senators.  20-year-old Chris Kreider of the Rangers, scored a goal less than a month after winning a National Championship with Boston College.

Governor Chris Christie gave the New Jersey Nets a “Good Riddance ” last night after they played their last game in NJ.  How long until we have the New Jersey Kings?

The Boston Red Sox got a win last night and their bullpen didn’t give up any runs for the first time all season.  That’s a start.

How excited is NBC Sports that they get to try to get people interested in the Phoenix Coyotes/Nashville Predators series?

How bad are the Bobcats?  Here is an excerpt from the AP story on their loss last night.  “The Bobcats were competitive for most of the first quarter”.  When that is in any story about your game then you know it’s bad.


The family that fills out police reports together stays together.

Deion Sanders was the victim of domestic violence last night and he let the Twitterverse know. 



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