The Morning Dump: 4/25/12

BREAKING NEWS:  WORLD PEACE SUSPENDED.  Metta World Peace has been suspended for the next 7 games for his elbow to Harden’s head.  The Lakers should get by Denver without MWP and have him ready for OKC.


Ariane Friedrich shuts down her creeper.(Getty Images)

Ariane Friedrich, a German high jumper took some time off from her 2012 Olympic chase to post the name and email address of the man who was sending her explicit photos and messages over Facebook.  That is the 3 time The Sports Dump’s Greg Baxter has had to change his email address.

Yu Darvish and David Price both lived up to my preseason praise last night with pitching a combined 17 innings, 16 k’s and allowing 0 runs.

NJ forced a game 7 with Florida last night with an OT win.  3 big game 7’s coming up and I can’t wait.  Tonight is Boston/Washington and it should be great.  I’m picking Boston to win.  This is pretty much the same squad that won 3 game 7’s last year to win the Cup.

Get your RV moving John Daly.  Boo Weekley has withdrawn from the Zurich Classic and New Orleans is calling. has offered up $1M to anyone who sleeps with Tim Tebow now that he has become New York’s most eligible bachelor.  They are also offering $7 to any single women in New York that have been with Mark Sanchez.

The practice of colleges limiting transfer options has always been there but it seems to be getting out of hand.  I understand why the rule is there but I think it needs to be tweaked.  Maybe it should be limited to same conference or state.  I don’t know how to fix it.  I think the Sports Dump guys will look into this.  But FIU not letting Ferguson leave at all is a total embarrassment but going to the NBA is not the right move.  He needs to get loud, appeal, protest and raise hell and become the face of this abused practice.

Chelsea FC striker Fernando Torres after ripping out Messi's heart.

Chelsea shocked Barca with a 93rd minute goal to get a 2-2 draw and drop Barca and Messi from the Champions League final.  Real Madrid and Bayern Munich go at it today for the other finals spot.

2 wins in a row doesn’t mean much in MLB unless you are the Boston Red Sox.  Boston is enjoying their feast of slow Minnesota fastballs.

Chipper hit a HR on his 40th birthday to help the Braves beat the Dodgers.



10 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/25/12

  1. Some people just aren’t protestors. Ferguson felt like he had no other choice but to declare for the draft. FIU is a disgrace of an institution and should be punished for bullying a kid like this.

    • He is getting bad information if he thinks the draft is his best option. He would win an appeal if he went through with it. But FIU can’t get punished because they haven’t done anything against the rules.

  2. You’re out of your element Donnie!

  3. He should be fighting this but by hiring an agent he let FIU off. Instead of hiring an agent his parents should have hired a REAL LAWYER. Are you telling me he had no other option?

  4. Who is paying for this lawyer you want him to hire?

    • At some point you just throw your hands up. He could have tried to challenge this, but that takes time and money. The draft is coming up and while he probably won’t get selected, there’s a chance he will. What if he loses his suit? Then he’s missed the draft, and can’t play college ball.

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