The Morning Dump: 4/26/12

The 2012 NFL Draft, the most important non-sporting event in sports is tonight and The Sports Dump is ready to cover it pick by pick.  No more Mocks just Drafts. 

I think there will be at least 5 trades in the 1st round tonight.  With the new rookie pay scale the teams are not afraid to make moves and go get the guy they want.

Brandon Weeden, the best QB in this draft will most likely fall to the 2nd round because of his age.  Bad choice.  He will be a Pro-Bowl level QB and if you draft him your QB spot will be elite until 2020 at least.

The #1 QB in this draft.(US Presswire)

Luke Kuechly will be the best player out of this draft.  All-Pro HOF career is my pick.

The Washington Capitals sent home the champs last night in OT of game 7.  The Caps get over the playoff hurdle that has stopped them in the past.

Tonight we get the Rangers/Senators and Devils/Panthers game 7’s.  I’m picking Senators and Devils.

Great piece on “The Godfather” Billy Hunter.

The Texas Rangers are looking like the best team in baseball.  Their pitching is as strong as their bats.

The Indiana Pacers will get the finished Magic in the 1st round and will get to Miami with momentum and confidence in the 2nd rd.  Could be very dangerous.

The Most Dangerous Team In The NBA Playoffs


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/26/12

  1. You’re the Sports Dump’s version of Skip Bayless.

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