The Sports Dump Official 2012 NFL Draft Battle

Welcome, folks to the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!  The Sports Dump crew is competing to determine who will be crowned the Official Sports Dump NFL Draft Guru!  Each member of the crew has submitted their picks.

I spent all my free time not posting this week to create the most accurate 2011 Mock NFL Draft to date!  Unfortunately my 2012 NFL picks are not nearly as accurate.  As for the rest of the crew:  Jumbo managed to scrawl his picks out in crayon on a Bojangles napkin, Greg took some time off from facebook stalking German Olympians to make his picks,  Phil has Kevin Harvick going number eight overall to Miami and Richard even consulted WalterFootball to complete his picks once he got sick of doing ANOTHER mock draft.   According to Mickey Loomis’ wiretaps, the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Walter! How you been, Buddy?  I was just working on a mock draft for a draft battle we’re having over on the Sports Dump.    (Pause)   The Sports Dump.   (Pause) It’s my sports blog. (Another Pause)  You’ve never heard of it?   That’s surprising, I mean, we get like 75 hits a day!”

“Anyway, I just wanted to run my 2nd round picks by you to see what you thought.  Who do you have going first in the second?   (Pause)  Really?  That’s who I’ve got! (Scribbles furiously)  What about 2nd?  (Pause and more Scribbles)  Me too!!    3rd?   (Scribble….Scribble)  Man, this is nuts!  Great minds, eh?  Who’s 4th?”

That’s when the tape got a little garbled.  I think eventually the conversation might have turned to Kentucky recruiting at which point Walter hung up.

Anyway, the picks are submitted.  The rules are as follows:

One point for each pick in the correct spot and one point for each player that ends up with the correct team.  For example:  If Andrew Luck gets taken by the Colts, it will be worth two points.  However, if Miami trades up to take Ryan Tannehill at number three, then anyone who has Tannehill going eight to the Dolphins gets one point because he ended up with the correct team.   If the Browns were to trade down to number eight and still pick Tannehill, then if someone has Tannehill going number eight to the Dolphins, they would still get one point for getting the spot correct.

Good Luck, guys!  The title of Sports Dump NFL Draft Guru is on the line!   Click the link below to view the picks and feel free to post your opinion on the best and worst pick in the comments below!

The Sports Dump 2012 NFL Draft Picks


9 thoughts on “The Sports Dump Official 2012 NFL Draft Battle

  1. Sounds like I stole Tommy’s strategy. Thanks for taking my call first Walter, you’re the man!

  2. I hope Walter isn’t going to be our draft guru.

  3. Walter stopped taking my calls during March Madness when all I wanted to do was talk about the NFL Draft

  4. If there is a tie then the Saints first pick #89 is the tie-breaker.

  5. So all of us have the Browns taking Richardson at 4… For some reason I feel like we are all going to get that one wrong

  6. BTW… which one of you are live tweeting the draft so I can follow while I’m in my class?

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