The Morning Dump: 4/30/12

After a long 4-day-weekend filled with moving the family back to NC and catching up with some friends, I am putting the Dump together from my Columbia hotel room.

The Clippers celebrating their big comeback. (Mike Brown / EPA)

Big comeback by the Clippers in Memphis last night after being down 27 in the 3rd.  This was the 1st Rd series I was most excited to watch and it lived up to its hype.  Can the Grizz recover from this?  I hope so.

I am predicting a 2 game ban for Rondo for his chest bump on an official.  Without him and Ray Allen the Celts are done.

A Nike shoe designer blames Derrick Rose’s choice of Adidas for his torn ACL.  I hope that’s not the reason because Lionel Messi and my girl Katy Perry are rocking Adidas.

If Bynum is banging out Pts/Rebs/Blks Triple Doubles then the Lakers will be the team to beat.

Josh Hamilton will miss some time with a back injury.

Josh Hamilton hurt his back last night.  The games best left-handed hitter just can’t stay healthy.

22 games and no HRs for Albert Pujols.  They need his bat to wake up now.

Phoenix Coyotes are in cruise control against the Predators.  Has the Stanley Cup been conditioned for the desert heat?

The Sports Dump’s curse of Messi looks to be over after the Messi scored 2 goals this weekend in La Liga play.  The goal record will be his.

NFL drafts I loved: Ravens, Bengals, Colts

NFL drafts I hated: Broncos, Titans, Bears

How did my Saints draft?  Their first pick was a Canadian in the 3rd round.  I guess since bad basketball players make good NFL tight ends then bad hockey players must make good NFL DTs.  I hope so.


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