Zach Lowe shoots down the lottery conspiracy rumors. What do you think?


The Morning Dump: 5/31/12

The Macho Man wants to kill Tommy Lee Jones. Does he do it? Watch MIB3 to find out.

Downing the coffee and banging out the dump.  Checked out Men in Black 3 last night and I liked it a lot.  I am a little upset that they made the late great Macho Man Randy Savage the villain.

Drunks sitting at a bar are not the only ones screaming foul at David Stern over the draft lottery.  NBA owners and GMs seem to to believe it also.

Congrats New Orleans for winning the right to get Anthony Davis.  He will look good wearing black and gold for the yet to be named New Orleans______. Continue reading

Boston Celtic Legend Tim Duncan. What?

Peter Holt and the Spurs won the Tim Duncan jackpot in 1997. Who wins the Anthony Davis jackpot tonight?

Check out Sports Illustrated’s Michael Rosenburg’s take on what could have been if Tim Duncan went somewhere else in 1997.  It’s a great piece and tonight’s draft lottery could have the same effect.

What if Tim Duncan went to…?  Draft Lottery can change future.

The Morning Dump: 5/30/12

Dragging this morning from watching the Spurs control the Thunder last night.

Parker is helping Duncan get his 5th title.

The Spurs are really making it look easy against the Thunder.  I thought that the Heat/Celtics series was the one that was going to be a sweep.  The Thunder have spurts but the Spurs are always in control.  Tony Parker is playing great.

Tim Duncan is cementing himself as the greatest PF ever with this playoff run.  My All-Time Starting 5 is Magic, Jordan, Lebron, Duncan and Chamberlain.

At 8pm tonight we find out who is going to win the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, when the NBA holds it’s draft lottery. Continue reading

Big Game Recaps and Previews: May 30

Long weekends are not conducive to writing posts on time. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and avoided the police.

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