The Morning Dump: 5/2/12

Roger and Andy in better times.

Yesterday a D.C. courtroom was filled with nearly 600 MLB Wins when Andy Pettitte testified on his knowledge of Roger Clemens’ PED use.

We are all waiting on Richard’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

This Sarah Phillips story is crazy.  Check it out.

This hair is why we need more teenagers in the majors.

Bryce Harper is in the majors and needs to stay there.  It would be a poor choice for the Nationals to move him back to the minors even if he slumps.  That is a major league haircut.

We are looking to hire Scottie Pippen as a writer at The Sports Dump after his open letter to the Bulls to try to lift their spirits.

If you are down on NASCAR like I am this year I think this weekend’s Talladega race will change that.

This is how you Tebow when you are an old man.

Paul Pierce is big time(he can’t Tebow worth a damn) and the Lakers are my pick in the West.  Those are my 2 thoughts on the NBA playoffs.

Big 3rd period for the Devils to even the series with the Flyers.  The 2 eastern series are exciting.

I think Albert is feeling the pressure of all that money L.A. has paid for him and he is pressing.  Great hitters are loose at the plate.


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