The Morning Dump: 5/3/12

(Getty Images)

Sad day in sports yesterday as Junior Seau was found dead from an apparent suicide.  He is just the last of a number of former NFL athletes to take their lives after battling depression.

The Saints got off easy when the NFL came down with their bounty penalties losing only Vilma(Season) and Smith(4 gm).

Jared Weaver no hit the Twins last night.  It’s about time the Angels got some good news this season.

Andy Pettite admitted he could have been mistaken when he said he heard Roger Clemens say he used HGH yesterday in federal court.  That was not what the federal prosecutor wanted to here when they put him on the stand.

Tyson Chandler won the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year Award.  He is certainly a deserving winner but I feel Lebron James had the best defensive season.

The Rangers beat the Caps in Triple OT last night to take 2-1 lead in their series.

Coach Schiano makes a class move by signing Eric LeGrand.

We started with sad NFL related and let’s finish with some uplifting news.  The Tampa Bay Bucs signed Eric LeGrand to a free agent contract.  LeGrand was paralyzed in a college football game for Rutgers and has been an inspiration to many.  LeGrand was one of Coach Schiano’s guys at Rutgers and during this entire NFL process Schiano kept thinking that this was Eric’s draft eligible year.  Class moved by a class guy.


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