NASCAR: Richmond Wrap & ‘Dega Primer Edition; Or Phil’s Finals Week in School Abridged Edition

Kyle Busch celebrating his first win of 2012

Thanks for you patience lately, college is kicking my butt. Today’s post is going to be quick and dirty but don’t worry, I’ll give ‘Dega proper Afterthoughts treatment on Monday. Congrats to Kyle Busch for getting the win at Richmond! Click through for the other news of the week and a preview of Talladega…

Can’t say Shrub doesn’t do the best burnouts…

Yellow Flag Blues: Richmond didn’t give us the cautions we desperately wanted/needed but it did give us better racing and plenty of controversy. 5 yellows were thrown; 3 for debris (more on that shortly), 1 competition caution, 1 for a spin by Kurt Busch.

Controversy was plentiful:  There was a scuffle between a member of Paul Menard’s pit crew and a member of Jimmie Johnson’s pit crew. It was over quick and the #48 team admitted fault. A #48 team member rolled a tire in the way of a  changer and he tripped on it. The teams made up later and moved on.

Jimmie Johnson received a penalty late in the race because of a separate tire mistake. A crew member rolled a tire more than half of the width of the car which resulted in a penalty. Johnson still finished 6th but was disappointed because he felt the he could challenge for a win.

Tony Stewart wasn’t happy with the final yellow that set up Kyle Busch for a dash to the victory. Stewart and Edwards looked to be the guys to fight to the finish but a debris caution came out late for a piece of aluminum on the track. Stewart saw them pick up a water bottle under caution and was angry because he thought NASCAR just threw it to bunch up the field for a finish.

Under the same caution, there may or may not have been some miscommunication which caused Carl Edwards to think he was the leader and not Stewart. Because of this he jumped the restart early and was penalized. NASCAR’s argument, and I believe it is the right one, is that he would have been penalized anyway because he hit the gas before the designated restart zone.

Guys happy this week about their finish:Clint Bowyer (7th) who is probably tired of Truex doing better than him. Mark Martin still hanging tough every race. Kyle Busch (1st), obviously because he has been inconsistent this year. Brad Keselowski (9th), was anyone else just waiting for something to break on his car? Tony Stewart (3rd) should also be happy because his car has been terrible lately.

Guys disappointed about their finish:Biffle and Harvick who had been extremely consistent lately had disappointing 18th and 19th place finishes, respectively. Kurt Busch (28th) could be written here just about every week. Jeff Burton (31st): is it time to stick a fork in “the Mayor” finally? Martin Truex, Jr (25th) also has to be disappointed after he seemed to be poised to return to victory lane.

Kurt Busch is off my Shit List: You don’t know how much that hurt to type. But this is why… he’s driving the Ricky Bobby “Me” car this weekend. Brilliant. Photo__18__mediumIf you want more pics… check out Jayski’s site. If you know me, then you know I’m not a fan of the Busch Brothers. But this is a really good move to generate some attention and some money for charity as well. As much as people talk about how Kurt Busch doesn’t give a crap what you or anyone thinks about him. This may prove otherwise… or it may add to another thought about Kurt Busch as Richard Phillips of our blog says, “Kurt Busch is pretty much Ricky Bobby.” 

Great Hire: Richard Petty Motorsports hired Mike Ford to be Aric Almirolsa’s Crew Chief on the #43. This car has been competitive this year. I don’t know if he can lead them to Victory Lane just yet but I’m thinking a top 5 at a Ford (the manufacturer) friendly track like Charlotte or Dover is definitely a possibility.

Cars running four-wide Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway, where there were 87 lead changes.Talledega Primer:You know what to expect, a little less tandem, a little more chaos and at least one green-white-checker attempt. I’m tempted to pick Kurt Busch this week solely on his car choice. But instead I am going to go with Clint Bowyer. Clint is good at the Super Speedways and the Michael Waltrip Teams have been hot lately. My last 3 picks have finished either 2nd or 3rd. Will this be the pick that breaks through for a win?


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