The Morning Dump: 5/4/12

Late night last night leads to a late Morning Dump.

Injury Edition

Mariano Rivera goes down.

I hope the last image of Mo Rivera is not him being carried off the field by his teammates and coaches after tearing his ACL shagging fly balls but at 42-years-old it may be.

The loss of the reigning NFL DPOY Terrell Suggs means that rookie Courtney Upshaw and Sergio Kindle must step up for the Ravens D this season.

The San Francisco Giants lose Pablo Sandoval for about 6 weeks after breaking a bone in his wrist.  The Giants can’t afford to lose any bats from a run starved lineup.

Will Dr. Copeland be right about Amar’e being out of the playoffs or will he come back for Sunday’s game and make Richard’s day?

I’m coming for you Mello.

Carmello didn’t mesh with any coach he has ever had.  He can’t be happy that Phil Jackson’s name is looming over the Knicks job.  The Zen Master will crush him.

I am looking forward to that OKC/LA 2nd round playoff series.

Hockey in the heat.  Are you ready for a LA Kings/Phoenix Coyotes series?

I hope Miguel Cotto beats the hell out of Mayweather Saturday night but I’m afraid Floyd will avoid his power and get a decision victory.




4 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 5/4/12

  1. The Amare argument has already been over, you lost.

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