Jumbo’s Post Draft/Free Agency NFL Power Rankings: 5/9/12

It’s only May 9 and the season’s first game is 4 months away but let’s take a look at where the teams stand today after the draft and free agency.

32.          Colts                      Projected Record 3-13

The Peyton manning era is over and the Andrew Luck era is upon us and there will be some growing pains.  Peyton Manning’s HOF career started with a 3 win season and I see just that for Luck.

31.          Vikings                  2-14

The Vikings have a long way to go in a tough division and are my offseason preseason leader in the Matt Barkley sweepstakes.  Peterson may not be ready for the start of the season also.

30.          Jaguars                 3-13

The Jags went and got Blaine Gabbert some weapons in the draft (Blackmon) and free agency (Robinson) but I think their problems are with Gabbert.

29.          Browns                 4-12

A rookie QB and RB means a rough season in the AFC North for the Browns.  If Brandon Weeden doesn’t feel old now, he will by week 8.

28.          Rams                     4-12

The rams have the draft picks to become a legit franchise but it will not start this season.  I feel they mismanaged this draft and will struggle this season.

27.          Dolphins              5-11

The Dolphins will start the Ryan Tannehill era sooner than later if they want to keep their fans interested.  The offense will struggle early but will improve for the 2nd half of the season.

26.          Redskins              5-11

The Skins will be much more exciting to watch this year with RG3 but I just don’t know how much better they will be.  They play in too tough of a division and have a tough schedule.

25.          Panthers              5-11

They will score some points but I still feel that their D is not going to be good enough to hold teams.  I think they take a step backwards this year.

24.          Chiefs                   6-10

Romeo was the correct choice as coach but Cassel is not the correct choice for QB.  This team will have bright spots but overall it will be a disappointing year.

23.          Buccaneers         6-10

The Bucs made great moves this offseason and will be a better team but their schedule is just too tough for them to climb any higher than 3rd in the NFC South.

22.          Titans                    6-10

The Jake Locker Experience needs to start this season.  They drafted him in the 1st round and they need to turn over the team to him now.  Their defense needs to improve though.

21.          Bills                        7-9

Their defense will be legit and will give QB’s hell but I see a step back for Stevie Johnson.

20.          Seahawks            7-9

I feel like this is Matt Flynn’s team until something better comes along.  They will win the games they are supposed to and lose the games they are expected to.  Nothing too exciting.

19.          Raiders                 7-9

Carson Palmer will make this team better this year with the speed they have but this offense needs McFadden healthy to reach their potential.

18.          Jets                        7-9

Can this team control the sideshow this season?  I don’t see it happening.  Tebow may be the starter by week 8 if Sanchez starts slow.

17.          Cardinals              8-8

I love the addition of Michael Floyd and I think that when John Skelton becomes the starter this team will start clicking.  Until they can scrap the Kevin Kolb experiment this team will not make the playoffs.

16.          Bears                     8-8

The Bears are a strong team when healthy but staying healthy seems to be a problem for them.  Matt Forte is not happy and a long holdout looks to be on the horizon.

15.          Broncos                9-7

The 2nd part of Peyton Manning’s career begins in Denver with high expectations.  They will fall short.  The Broncos offense will not surprise anyone this year.

14.          Cowboys             9-7

Romo!  Romo!  Romo!  The season all hinges on Tony Romo and can he live up to his expectations.

13.          Chargers              9-7

The Chargers are getting older on both sides of the ball but I think with the AFC West focus being on Denver the Chargers can take this division.

12.          Ravens                 9-7

The defense is going to miss Suggs but I think they will still be very strong.  Upshaw and Kindle will step up.

11.          Lions                      10-6

Will the Madden curse strike the Lions?  If it does they will be lucky to win 6 games.

10.          Saints                    10-6

This is assuming Brees is the QB and Chase Daniels is holding a clipboard.  I don’t this the suspensions will be a deathblow to this team and I think they will be a dangerous team come playoffs.

9.            Bengals                                10-6

2 straight solid offseasons for the Bengals has them contending in the AFC North and fighting for consecutive playoff appearances.

8.            Eagles                   10-6

The Dream Team has too much talent not to win and I think the pressure is off them this season. 

7.            Falcons                 11-5

Matt Ryan will have a solid season and the Falcons will contend with the Saints for the NFC South.  Let’s hope their 4 and 1 % increases also.

6.            49ers                     12-4

Will the 49ers open up their offense more this season?  I think so.  Alex Smith will take a step up and James will have a great rookie season.

5.            Texans                  12-4

The loss of Mario Williams will not affect them and the D will continue to win games for them.  They will lead the league in sacks and causing turnovers.

4.            Giants                   12-4

The Super Bowl champs got better and I see them dominating teams this year instead of slipping into the playoffs.  They are battle tested and they can repeat.  

3.            Steelers                               13-3

I love the draft picks the Steelers made and they improved their OL.  Mike Wallace will be worth Larry Fitzgerald money after this season and will not have any trouble getting it.

2.            Packers                                13-3

The Packers are still the team to beat in the NFC and should be the #1 seed come playoff time. 

1.            Patriots                                14-2

The Patriots made great additions and didn’t make any subtractions this offseason.  They will be the team to beat in the AFC and will score a ton of points.


One thought on “Jumbo’s Post Draft/Free Agency NFL Power Rankings: 5/9/12

  1. Richard thinks we have now reached our May limit for NFL posts

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