The Morning Dump: 5/9/12

Best Hitter In Baseball

Josh Hamilton blasted 4 homers and a dbl last night.  His performance was better than any no hitter or perfect game in the history of baseball.  When healthy he is the best hitter in baseball.  The when healthy is the problem.

The playoffs haven’t been kind to Rondo.  First a suspension and now losing track of the clock last night.  Great player who if the Celtics lose this series will not live this down.

Denver, Chicago and Atlanta all held off elimination last night to force game 6 while the Pacers closed out Orlando.

Without Claude Giroux the Flyers were not able to get enough goals by Brodeur to stay in the series.  The Devils await the winner of the Rangers/Capitals series.

The NFL is championing a study that says former players live longer than the normal population.  Check it out.

It’s good to see Eric McClure out of the hospital after that ugly wreck in Talladega saturday.

The NCAA is looking into Kentucky recruit Noel.  No worries.  If I were the NCAA I would into the recruitment of every top 10 recruit every year.

Fresh off crushing the feds case against Clemens, Andy Pettite will be pitching for the Yankees on Sunday.  Good luck Andy.  Hall of Famer?  I say yes.

Speaking of the Clemens trial, the feds had a drug dealer on the stand yesterday testifying he shipped HGH to Clemens.  The feds have nothing but no cred witnesses and this is embarrassing.

Ozzie has no comment, so don’t ask him for one.

When Ozzie Guillen was asked yesterday by a reporter if the firestorm over his “I love Castro” comments has blown over Ozzie answered with “F***ing grow up, motherf***er”.  But those who know Ozzie who that is how he says “No Comment”.







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