The Lunch Dump: 5/14/12

Due to travel and schedule the Dump is out a little late today.  Here we go.

Lebron made another dominating 4th qtr appearance in the playoffs and it looks like a trend.  In more breaking news, I am going to call Chris Bosh out for the series with his abdominal injury.  My medical team has confirmed it.

The Lakers and the Clippers both won their game 7’s to face the rested Thunder and Spurs.  The Clippers are done but the Lakers have a chance if this series is as physical as I think it will be.

I love Osi’s Mother’s Day tweet to McCoy.  You got to keep feuds up in the offseason.

Does Ocho Cinco think his “DAD” is going to help him learn a playbook so he gets on a roster?  Crazy!

Josh Hamilton’s bat died a soldier’s death yesterday while striking a RBI single.  RIP

Welcome Back Andy.

Good to see Andy Pettitte back in pinstripes on the baseball field.

The Los Angeles Kings are looking like the team to beat in these Stanley Cup playoffs.

That’s the Kurt Busch we all love and missed.





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