The Morning Dump: 5/15/12

Bringing it to you with some Joe Ely playing in the office.  Check it out.

Westbrook can’t be contained.

The Thunder put it on the Lakers last night in OKC.  Was it the extra rest the Thunder got or are the Lakers in real trouble?  I will defer my decision until after game 2.

Boston looked old last night.  This will be a 6-7 game series and the winner will get steamrolled by Miami.

Someone is going to get hurt in this Pete Carroll/Russell Wilson/Matt Flynn love triangle.  Flynn was the guy and now he is in love with Wilson.  Matt Flynn didn’t leave GB to back up someone in Seattle.

The first of many for Bryce Harper.

Bryce Harper hit his first MLB jack to dead center last night and did a full sprint around the bases.  I like this kid.

The New York Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist shut out the Devils last night 3-0 to take a 1-0 series lead.  Quick vs. Lundqvist in the Stanley Cup Finals will be a legendary goalie battle.

The only con I see in FSU’s move to the Big12 would be an extreme step up in competition.  Can FSU stand to be an 6th to 8th place team in conference each year?

They lost UK on the schedule but at least Indiana gets UNC at home next season.


Matt Kenseth will be driving the 17 5/3 car this weekend.  What number is that?  I should have paid attention in math class.  Any tutor slots open Mrs. Hankins?


One thought on “The Morning Dump: 5/15/12

  1. Maybe Matt Flynn should try and not suck then.

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