The Morning Dump: 5/16/12

The big 2 need the below average 10 to step up and score some points. (Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE)

The Pacers out-muscled the Heat last night to take a win on Miami’s home court.  Miami is the clear favorite in this series but if the Pacers keep this game slow and physical the James and Wade won’t have the legs to finish this series off.

If the Heat lose it is not Lebron’s fault.  He is playing the best ball he can.  The Heat are a flawed team that has glaring weaknesses in the paint, have a weak bench and need a shooter to step up.

The Clippers were outclassed by the Spurs as Tim Duncan turned back the clock and looked more like 26 than 36.

Wes Welker is back in the Patriot fold after signing his $9.5m tender offer.  He is hoping by doing the right thing the Patriots will do the right thing(Long-term Deal).

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Stephen Strasburg had a tough time overcoming some misplaced ointment and lost to the Padres yesterday.  There is no official word on where the ointment was but the fact that they won’t tell us, tells me exactly where it was.  On his Strasburgs.

The Clemens trial has lost its 2nd juror due to being removed for falling asleep during testimony.  Hopefully if 3 more fall asleep then there would be less than the required 12 jurors and they can quit wasting money.

The Angels fired hitting coach Mickey Hatcher after 12 years of service.  Looks like the wrong person is getting blamed for Pujols struggling.

The Los Angeles Kings are rolling and whoever gets in their way in the Stanley Cup finals will be in trouble.

The greatest college QB ever.

The College Football Hall of Fame named its inductees yesterday but their idiot rule of no player from one school in consecutive years ruins this.  The GREATEST college football player ever, Tommie Frazier is not in because a Nebraska player went in last year.  Are these stats not good enough? 33-2, 2 Nat Titles, 4 conf titles, 6,000+ yards and 83 tds.


One thought on “The Morning Dump: 5/16/12

  1. Smart move by Welker. If there’s two things the Patriots are known for, it’s loyalty and taking care of their players.

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