Mike Freeman Has It All Wrong About Vilma’s Lawsuit

Jonathan Vilma wants answers from Roger Goodell and he is suing to get them. (SI)

In his column today about Jonathan Vilma’s lawsuit against Roger Goodell, Freeman tries to paint Vilma as a crybaby who won’t take his punishment like a man.  He feels that Vilma should sit back and take the punishment that has been levied by Goodell and shut up.  I don’t agree with that.

As a Saints fan I am trying to look at this if it was the Panthers or the Falcons who were tied up in this and not my favorite team.  It was hard but I did it.  Vilma needs to sue Goodell if he feels this is the only way that the NFL’s “Bounty Evidence” will be brought to the light.  Vilma wants to know what the NFL and Mr. Goodell have on him.  If the NFL can prove the crime and show him all their slam dunk evidence then I am sure Vilma will go gentle into that good night.  Until the NFL shows the Saints, the NFLPA and Jonathan Vilma what they have, the fight should go on.  Check out Freeman’s view and let me know what you think. 

Saints continue to show learning disability by Mike Freeman, CBSSports NFL Insider


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