The Morning Dump: 5/17/12

OKC is rolling to the Spurs. (Getty)

This 2 point loss hurts the Lakers far more than the 29 point loss in game 1.  They played their game and slowed the Thunder down but still were not able to get the win.  The Lakers knew they couldn’t beat the Thunder in a horserace but they now know they can’t beat them in a fistfights.

KG in a beast in the playoffs.  The best player on the floor isn’t supposed to be 35 years old.  I would love a Celtics/Spurs NBA Finals.  70 point games, 5 day breaks, KG and Duncan taking breathers together.

Drew Brees is not happy and that means I am not happy.  There are both sides to this story and we are only hearing Drew’s opinion on the matter but I don’t know what the Saints are doing.  Pay That Man His Money!

Is that a bruise? Hold me.

Will Rymes of the Rays fainted after getting hit on the arm by a pitch.  WHAT?  I don’t think I am the toughest most manliest man out there but i think that a fastball off my arm wouldn’t send me into a fainting spell.

Pujols got his 2nd HR of the season last night and Mickey Hatcher’s job hunt got harder.  MLB Team Executive: “How did you ruin the best hitter ever?”  Hatcher:  “Ahhhhh.  Do you validate?”

Jaime Moyer help himself to a win last night by legging out a 2 RBI single.  A 49-year-old legging out a single. 

The Devils held off the Rangers to tie the series.  These 2 teams are playing for a runner-up trophy.  This Cup belongs to the Kings.

I saw The Dictator last night.  It had about 10 serious laugh out loud moments but stalled at some parts.  Sasha Baron Cohen’s unscripted stuff is so much better. 



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