Thanks Kerry

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Kerry Wood struck out the last batter he’ll ever face today. With one out in the 8th inning he came in to relive Jeff Samardzija and struck out Dayan Viciedo. I grew up a Cubs fan through the 90’s but the day I really became a baseball fan was the 20 strikeout game against the Houston Astros.

Kerry Wood retires as the second best pitcher in terms of K’s/9 at 10 1/3 per 9 behind only Randy Johnson. Unfortunately injuries and a reluctance to change his pitching mechanics led to a rather lack luster career compared to the one Chicagoans envisioned at the beginning of his major league stint.

Wood has made it clear that he wants to remain active with the team and we’ll probably get to see him on WGN Television sooner rather than later, until then, thanks Kerry.


One thought on “Thanks Kerry

  1. I don’t get the mid-season retirement. Why even start the season?

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