The Morning Dump: 5/18/12

Can you smell it?  It’s Friday and here comes the weekend.

Dwayne Wade wishing he was somewhere else.

Miami is in trouble and the Pacers know it.  The Heat are getting out hustled and it shows all 48 minutes.  The Pacers can open the Heat’s flaws with Bosh out of the series.  Chris Bosh was the most important player on this team.  If Bron got hurt, the Heat could recover.  If Wade got hurt, the Heat could recover.  Without Bosh this team cannot function like a championship caliber team.  Are the Pacers in the Eastern Finals a done deal?  No, not yet.  But they have Miami on the ropes and Miami looks like they are looking for a bell to save them.  Before you jump on Eric Spoelstra you need to know that Pat Riley put this flawed team together by trying to play fantasy basketball instead of real basketball.

Time marches on and the Spurs are rolling along.  The only thing that can slow them down is the L.A. traffic this weekend.

L.A. Kings and Jonathan Quick shutout the Coyotes again to take a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference finals.  I hope someone from the east can slow this beast down and give us a solid Stanley Cup Final.

The man that won me the 2006 Jacks Fantasy title says he still has something left in the tank.

My one time man crush Ahman Green says he can play 5 more years in the NFL.  If out of shape 35-year-olds can get in the NFL then maybe I should hire an agent.

The Braves and Nationals better not falter because the Marlins are coming.

When will the Clemens trial stop?  The feds have no shot and every witness they call is a disaster.

Hey Drew, how much for that signed jersey?

LT is auctioning off his Super Bowl ring from 1991.  If you could buy a piece of sports memorabilia, what would it be?  I think mine would be the Drew Brees Super Bowl jersey.


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