Give Me Kobe or Give Me Death.

SHOOTER!! (Getty)

If I am building a NBA franchise there are about twenty guys I would take over Kobe Bryant but if you asked me to pick the guy I want for one a one year playoff run I would take Kobe without hesitation.  He is the Michael Jordan of this generation.  He wants the ball.  He demands the ball.  He takes the shot.  In game 2 when Kobe gave the ball up to Steve Blake it wasn’t because he didn’t want the shot.  He didn’t have a shot and I guarantee it eats Kobe up inside knowing he couldn’t take it.  He hits, he shoots again.  He misses, he shoots again.  He gives more effort than anyone on the court and he is a warrior.  I don’t throw out the Sports/Military comparisons often but for Kobe I will.  I want him on that wall.  I want him in the trenches.  I want him on the frontlines.  Win or lose Kobe Bryant is the man I want with the ball in his hands.


13 thoughts on “Give Me Kobe or Give Me Death.

  1. He may want the ball, but he shoots right at the league average of 30 per cent in final possession shots.

  2. But yeah, I’d take him over Le’Bron.

    ‘looks at Richard’

  3. All it took was for Kerry Wood to quit midseason for Greg to show up. His next post will be when Urlacher retires.

  4. Weird you didn’t write this after game 1 when Kobe shot 7/18 for 20 points and his team lost by 30. Or game 2 when he scored 20 points on 25 shots. Or maybe last year when an even better Lakers team got swept by the Mavericks.

  5. Not really. It’s not a claim that Kobe is the best. It is me just saying that I will take all of Kobe’s misses and still want him taking the shot. How many times have I downed Kobe? Never. The Lakers are not the best team in the West and should lose to OKC. That doesn’t change Kobe’s legacy. Getting swept by the champs last year doesn’t either.

    • You’re about 5 years too late with this praise. Kobe ain’t that guy anymore. I’d take a healthy Chris Paul over Kobe late in a game all day. And if you’re one of those crazy people who actually think the first 46 minutes of a game actually matter too, Lebron is in a class by himself.

  6. I have said it before on this blog. Lebron is the best player in the league and may be the most talented player ever. But what seperates him from Kobe, Jordan, Bird and Iverson is his lack of aggressiveness when the game is on the line. Can he change that perception? Yes. But he needs to take the chances those other guys took.

  7. Kobe’s actually gotten better late in games as his career has gone on hasn’t he? I’ll have to look it up when I get home tomorrow.

  8. 1 for 6 in the final four minutes last night. So clutch.

    • I will take missed shots over no shots from my star. A number of those shots were because no one else would pull the trigger. The other Lakers have to get more aggressive and you know it. OKC adjusted on Bynum and Mike Brown couldn’t keep up with Brooks’ adjustments.

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