The Morning Dump: 5/21/12

The Dump is coming out a little late today due to my long weekend mourning the deaths of Disco legends Donna Summer and Robin Gibb.  Someone please get Gloria Gaynor to go in for a physical.

Lebron taking over against the Pacers on Sunday. (Getty)

Lebron James’ 40 pt, 18 reb, 9 ast playoff game was one of the best playoff performances ever by anyone in history but he will be constantly dogged by his lack of a title until/if he gets it.  I think he gets a title eventually but not as a member of the “Big 3”.

The Heat’s win yesterday does not hide the fact that they are a team with a great player and not a great team.  If Indiana can go back to their game plan from games 2 and 3 then they can still beat the Heat because the Heat can’t count on Lebron and Wade to score 70 again. 

I am most impressed with Lebron’s 16 FT attempts and 0 3-point attempts.  It he continues to do that, he will be unstoppable.

Can Tim Duncan add another NBA title to his Hall of Fame resume?

With 18 straight wins, the Spurs are rolling and are the most complete team in the playoffs.  They should be favorites in any game they play from this point forward.

This cortisone shot hitch to the Ryan Howard Achilles tear is very interesting.  The Phillies are defending themselves so i think there is some fire with this smoke.

I hope Lance Berkman’s knee injury is not a serious as it looks.  A torn ACL will more than likely be the end to a great career for the 37-year-old. 

Mike Smith had to be perfect in order for the Coyotes to stay in this series against the Kings, but they just delayed the inevitable.  The Kings are the class of these NHL playoffs.  I am looking for a Kings/Rangers series.

They should have just put the Pit Road Challenge in primetime. (Autostock)

Please change-up the NASCAR All Star format again.  I love it when an All Star race victory hinges on pit position and the race off pit road.  So very exciting.

Jason Dufner dropped a 25 foot putt on the final hole to take a 1 shot victory at the Byron Nelson Classic.  With 2 wins this month he is playing better than anyone in the PGA.



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