Andrew Luck Director of Offense

In what has to be the single most DICULOUS (inside joke) college football news in a while, the Stanford Cardinals have renamed their offensive coordinator position to the Andrew Luck Director of Offense.  The name change was in honor of an unnamed donor to the program but WOW. 

Some other schools should get on this.

LSU:  Jordan Jefferson Director of the Botched Snaps

Ohio State:  Jim Tressell Director of Turning the Blind Eye

UNC:  Butch Davis Director of Tutor Compliance

Penn State:  I can’t think of anything.  They haven’t really been in the news lately.

Give me some of your ideas.


4 thoughts on “Andrew Luck Director of Offense

  1. Oregon: Legarrette Blount Director of Sucker Punches
    South Carolina: Stephen Garcia Director of Extracurricular Activities
    Florida: Tim Tebow Director of Post-game Prayer

  2. FSU: Bobby Bowden Director of Truck Driver Education
    Do you get it?

  3. East Carolina: Chris Johnson Director of Linguistics
    NC State: Philip Rivers Director of Procreation
    Kentucky: Tim Couch Director of Spousal Acquisition
    North Carolina: Marvin Austin Director of Social Networking
    Duke: Alabama Fan Director of Season Ticket Sales

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