The Morning Dump: 5/22/12

Some lady just hit a van and a pole outside my office this morning as I am writing this.  Am I surprised?  No!  I’ve seen drunk drivers, hit and runs and even pedestrians getting ran over in the street outside my office.

Westbrook and the Thunder were too much for the Lakers to handle. (Getty Images)

OKC knocked out the Lakers last night and the city celebrated by shooting 8 people in the streets outside the arena.  On the court the Thunder were just too young and fast for the Lakers to keep up.  Kobe Bryant did his best to keep them in the game with 42 pts on 55% shooting but it wasn’t near enough to slow OKC.  I can’t what for the Spurs/Thunder series to get started.

Boston held court at home to beat the Sixers.  The series goes back to Philadelphia for Game 6.  I am pretty sure we will have a game 7 in Boston on Sat.

SVG got the hook yesterday from Dwight Howard Orlando Magic.  What does this mean for Dwight Howard’s future in Orlando?  I still think we don’t see him in a Magic uniform next season.  Hey, MJ!  You better give SVG a call.


Deadspin posted Jose Canseco’s phone number yesterday and I gave him a call.  Jose: Hello  Me: Do you know your phone # is on Jose: Hangup.  I should have said I was a major league scout and we wanted him back.  Maybe he would have talked to me then.

The NJ Devils took a 4-1 win from the Rangers to tie their series at 2-2.  Will the Rangers have to play in 3 game 7’s to get to the finals?

2 tales out of Detroit.  Titus Young has been asked to stay away from the team after “sucker punching” Louis Delmas when he wasn’t looking.  The other is a Matt Stafford bidding $15,000 for a ticket package to the Lions Monday night game in Chicago at a charity auction for a Michigan Children’s Hospital.  He won the package, turned around and gave it to the family of a patient.  Class act Mr. Stafford.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was knocked “woozy” in a practice field collision yesterday.  Afterwards he spoke of his intentions of joining the suit against the NFL claiming he wasn’t told about the dangers of getting run over in practice.

Giancarlo Stanton hates old people. (US Presswire)

Giancarlo Stanton blasted a grand slam off Jamie Moyer last night that busted up the Marlins fancy new scoreboard. 

I checked out the movie Battleship last night with very low expectations and it surprisingly turned out to be a pretty good movie.  Not a bad way to kill 2 hours.


One thought on “The Morning Dump: 5/22/12

  1. It’s a players league, so the Magic had to fire SVG. They’re definitely not keeping Dwight with him, though they’re 99% not keeping him without him either. Either way, I guess you have to give it a shot. When Dwight leaves they’ll have to blow up the roster anyway.

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