The Morning Dump: 5/23/12

We have arrived.

The Sports Dump got its first major celebrity endorsement yesterday and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the Dos Equis man behind us.

The Heat/Pacers game last night was like one of those Youtube videos of a bully picking on someone and the kid gets up and knocks the bully out.  The Heat have grown tired of Indy’s antics and put them in their place.  Momentum is squarely with Miami now.  But Miami could be missing some muscle in game 6 after the NBA reviews some video.

The Kings closed out the Coyotes last night and are waiting for the winner of the Rangers/Devils series.

Yesterday Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins went on the paternity leave list after the birth of his first child.  No big deal right?  But the Deadspins Barry Petchesky brought up that exactly 9 months before his child’s birth Jimmy Rollins was placed on the DL for a groin strain.  Either this is just a strange random occurence or Mrs. Rollins was overly rough on little Jimmy that night.

Bernie Fine’s wife has sued ESPN for libel for their irresponsible reporting/investigating of accusations against her and her husband.  ESPN has gone from reporting news to now creating it.

A good effort Dallas and Washington to try to get their salary cap reductions overturned came up short.  I think that they were in the right and the league got it wrong.


Chad Knaus just won backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert.





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