The Morning Dump: 5/24/12

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”- Joe Ely

The last time the Sixers and Celtics faced off in a game 7.

The Sixers forced a game 7 with the Celtics in the most boring NBA series ever.  I would be more entertained if they let Dr. J and Moses Malone play the Chief, Bird and McHale in a ’82 rematch.

I am very interested in the Lakers offseason.  They are one of the teams that need to overhaul their roster.  I only see 3 teams that don’t need to make significant roster moves this offseason(Thunder, Pacers, Bulls).  The rest need to get to work.

Making Shaq your GM will not keep Howard happy, Orlando.  Don’t do it.

It looks to me that the NFLPA has a valid case against the NFL owners for collusion.

Doesn’t look like the first hit ordered by Pat Riley.

I have a feeling that there is a Dexter Pittman relief fund set up in the Heat locker room for that ordered hit.  Riley might pay it personally.

The loss of Haslem means the Heat need another big game from Bron and Wade.  I think they get it.

Tyson Chandler was voted the NBA DPOY by the media but was voted to the All Defensive 2nd Team by the coaches who put Dwight Howard on the 1st team.  I understand why.  The voting media members are idiots.  I will take the coaches opinion any day.

Who gets the red hot Kings?

The Kings are sitting back and waiting for the Rangers/Devils to beat themselves up.  I don’t think either will have much in their tank when L.A. comes to town.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 5/24/12

  1. The Bulls need serious roster changes for next season. If Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng are your 2nd and 3rd option, your team is in trouble. Get Rose some real help!

  2. I had them on the list but I took them off becasue of the Rose injury factor but I understand.

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