The Morning Dump: 5/29/12

Up early and heading back to Columbia, SC for the work week.  At least it’s a short week.

No matter what happens in the Celtics series, there is no way the Heat should try to get Bosh in this series.  Save him for the finals.

San Fran likes what they got in Moss today. Tomorrow? Who knows.

The San Francisco 49ers are raving about Randy Moss right now.  The Patriots, Vikings, Titans and Raiders all raved about him also.  Let us see how much they like him in October.

I want to see Giancarlo Stanton in the HR Derby.  He crushes it.

Tough weekend for the boxing world as 5-time champ Johnny Tapia was found dead on Sunday.  This was actually the 5th time Tapia has been declared dead.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out.  Boxer Paul Williams was paralyzed in a motorcycle wreck on Sunday and it is not clear whether he will ever fight again.  Even though the epic matchups are few and far between, I still love boxing.

Time to start a new losing streak. (Photo by Brian Kersey)

The Chicago Cubs ended or didn’t end their 12 game losing streak yesterday with a 11-7 win over the Padres.  It is still in question if a win over San Diego counts as a real win.

If Roy Halladay’s shoulder injury is serious the Phillies are in trouble.  They have had too many injuries to compete in the N.L. East already and losing him will almost end them.

I think the Los Angeles Kings will beat the Devils in 5 games but will lose game 1 in New Jersey.  Just a hunch I have about their long layoff.  Whoever wins will be the lowest seed to ever win the Stanley Cup. (LA #8, NJ #6)

Rafael Nadal has won 6 of the last 7 French Opens and I think he gets #7 this year and breaks his tie with Bjorn Borg for the most Men’s French Open titles.  #7 would also tie Chris Evert for most all time man or woman.

South Carolina celebrating one of their National Titles. Can they get another?

The NCAA Baseball Tournament starts on Friday with Florida as the number 1 overall seed.  South Carolina is also a #1 and will begin their run at 3 straight National Titles.  Good Luck Gamecocks!






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