The Morning Dump: 5/30/12

Dragging this morning from watching the Spurs control the Thunder last night.

Parker is helping Duncan get his 5th title.

The Spurs are really making it look easy against the Thunder.  I thought that the Heat/Celtics series was the one that was going to be a sweep.  The Thunder have spurts but the Spurs are always in control.  Tony Parker is playing great.

Tim Duncan is cementing himself as the greatest PF ever with this playoff run.  My All-Time Starting 5 is Magic, Jordan, Lebron, Duncan and Chamberlain.

At 8pm tonight we find out who is going to win the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, when the NBA holds it’s draft lottery.

Add the Allen Wranglers to list of teams that have given up on Terrell Owens.  The IFL team releases Owens for poor effort and general noncompliance with policies or commitments.  How bad has it got for T.O.?

The Angels have won 8 straight and Albert Pujols hit his 8th HR last night.  Do they have something for the Rangers in the A.L. West?

I am picking the Kings in 5 games.

The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight and I think the Devils are going to win game 1.



6 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 5/30/12

  1. I think Duncan has had the best PF ever locked up for a while now. The more fun debate is if he’s the best post-Jordan player? I think he is.

  2. Duncan is my pick for PF but I can see the Malone arguments. Those Jazz teams would have won some titles in the post Jordan era.
    It’s him, Shaq or Kobe for the best post-Jordan player. Kobe will get 4-5 more years and will have 30k pts. Kobe has it now in my mind. Who is on you post-Jordan era team? Mine is Iverson, Bryant, James, Duncan and O’Neal.

    • It’s eventually going to be Lebron if it isn’t already, but I’d take Duncan over Kobe. You could argue that Kobe has never been the best player in the NBA at any point in his career. Duncan was dominant from 02-06. Lebron has been the best player since 07. I would probably put Nash on the team over Iverson. Agree with the rest though.

      • I almost put Nash but no one played harder than Iverson. We need to do a All Time 1-on-1 bracket. Who wins 1-on-1? Kobe or Duncan.

  3. There is no way that Jersey wins tonight. I’ll take the Kings -1.5 (according to bovada)

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