The Morning Dump: 5/31/12

The Macho Man wants to kill Tommy Lee Jones. Does he do it? Watch MIB3 to find out.

Downing the coffee and banging out the dump.  Checked out Men in Black 3 last night and I liked it a lot.  I am a little upset that they made the late great Macho Man Randy Savage the villain.

Drunks sitting at a bar are not the only ones screaming foul at David Stern over the draft lottery.  NBA owners and GMs seem to to believe it also.

Congrats New Orleans for winning the right to get Anthony Davis.  He will look good wearing black and gold for the yet to be named New Orleans______.

Rondo did all he could and the Celtics still came up short.

The Heat pulled out a OT win over the Celtics and an amazing Rajon Rondo.  Rondo played all 53 minutes and scored 44 pts.  The Boston Celtics and their fans seem to think the league or the officials are favoring the Heat but I think it’s ridiculous.  The Heat get more foul calls because they attack the basket hard and draw a lot of contact.

Matt Kemp injured his hammy and will hit the DL again.  If the Dodgers are smart they will not rush him back and get him healthy for the 2nd half.

Good bye Jamie Moyer.  You gave it a good run.

The Kings beat the Devils 2-1 in OT for a sloppy game 1 win.  The series should get more exciting after the warmup game.

Starting June 15th grown men can make unlimited phone calls and text messages to 16-year-old boys as long as they talk basketball.  Maybe a little creepy.

Brazil put a 4-1 beating on the U.S. yesterday on FedEx field.  It was the U.S. teams first loss of 2012.

Aaron Rodgers is now Aaron Rogers. Phil Knight is leading the charge against wasteful letters.

Nike has made another change to their new jerseys, they are dropping all the D’s.  It is well documented that Phil Knight hates the letter D and he has stated that the letter will not be on any jersey.


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