The Morning Dump: 6/29/12

Not much excitement in the NBA draft last night. Thumbs Up: Hornets, Thunder, Blazers Thumbs Down: Cavs, Rockets, Heat

Here is a lesson for the kids out there. The longer you stay in school the less money you will make after college. (In the NBA)

Big upset in Wimbledon with Nadal getting dropped by the #100 ranked player in the world in Lukas Rosol. It’s setting up to be a Federer vs. Djokovic finals I hope.

The Penguins must trust their teams doctors because they just signed Crosby to a 12 year $104m extension. He is electric but one hard hit to the boards can change a lot.

Clint Bowyer is gonna get his 2nd straight win this weekend in Kentucky. Book it.

Coming off 4 straight shutouts the Giants are climbing up the MLB Power Rankings. I think we all knew their pitching would come along but they will need more bats to make a championship run.

Mario Balotelli has put Italy in the Euro 2012 final against Germany with a stellar performance yesterday. Check it out sunday afternoon. I think Spain will win but hopefully we will have some action.





After I watched this video I went out and did some parkour on my own.  I now have a broken ankle and I owe a guy $3,500 for smashing his Ford Focus.

Do you think Coldplay just writes songs for people to put videos to?

Jerry Sandusky Has A New Victim: Gerry Sandusky, Baltimore Sportscaster

Gerry Sandusky’s not Convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky’s Twitter Feed.

Gerry “I’m not Jerry” Sandusky

If you want to find the one bit of humor in this entire sad and horrible situation please go to this link and look at the things these idiots are writing.  It’s classic.  I feel so bad for this dude.  I just hope some guy name Charley Kopeland or Jumbofungry never does anything really bad.

What are the Bobcats going to do with the 2nd pick in the NBA draft?

After finishing the season with the worst winning percentage (.106) in the history of the league, the Charlotte Bobcats had visions of Anthony Davis swatting shots into the stands of the Time Warner Cable Arena.  The ping-pong ball had other thoughts.  The Bobcats are sitting with the #2 spot in the draft and are in need of some significant upgrades in this draft.  What are they going to do?

Option #1:  Keep the pick and take Kansas PF Thomas Robinson.  Robinson was the 2nd best player in college last season and will be a solid pro.  The only problem is that Charlotte needs more than a “solid pro” to get this team out of the cellar.

Thomas Robinson

Option #2:  Trade the pick to Cleveland for the #4 and #24 pick is this year’s draft.  This is the option that I think will happen and is the best for Charlotte.  The Cavs want Beal to pair with Irving and are scared he will not get past Washington at #3.  The deal would leave Charlotte Robinson or MKG.  They would also be able to get a solid player at #24 or move it for more picks.

Option #3:  Trade it for James Harden.  This will help the Bobcats this season more than any move but it has no long-term benefits.  Harden will be a free agent after next season and will not resign with Charlotte.  It would be a bad move. Continue reading

15 Years Ago Today: Mike Tyson takes a bite out of Evander Holyfield

Where were you 15 years ago?  I was sitting in front of the TV with a group of friends after  ponying up $50 to watch Holyfield vs. Tyson II.  In a fight that was billed as “The Sound and the Fury”, Holyfield was on his way to defeating Tyson for the second time when Tyson decided to take a bite out of Holyfield’s ear.

Mike Tyson had complained about the head-butting of Holyfield in the first fight and after an inadvertent butt by Holyfield in the 2nd opened a cut on Tyson he just went “Tyson”.  He tried to come out in the 3rd round without his mouthpiece but Lane stopped him and made him put it back in.  Then in the clinch he spit out his mouthpiece and bite a chunk of Holyfield’s ear off and spit it on the ring floor.  Lane called a timeout and ruled the fight over until fight doctors and Holyfield’s camp said the fighter could continue.  Lane deducted 2 points from Tyson.  Seconds later in the clinch again, Tyson bit Holyfield’s other ear.  At the end of the round Miles Lane ruled the fight was over and Tyson had was disqualified for the biting.

Tyson lost his license for the next year and even appeared on Oprah with Holyfield to apologize in the years after.

This was just Tyson being Tyson.  Check it out!

The Morning Dump: 6/28/12

Watched The Hunt for Red October last night.  That is one movie that I can watch no matter how many times I have seen it?  Do you have a movie like this?

We will find out real quick how long the Yankees will be the best team in baseball after they lost Sabathia to the DL and Pettite for 6 weeks with a broken fibula.  I think they are going to go out and get a pitcher.

Berman and Dilfer are going to be calling the second half of the MNF double-header for ESPN.  I wish the ratings had a mute tracker.  12.3 millions will watch, 2.7 will listen.

The Michigan State Police have announced plans to set up DUI checkpoints outside of Ford Field to insure the safety of fans from drunk Detroit Lions. Continue reading

Mock NBA Draft: The Sports Dump Edition (well, minus almost everyone)


Don’t get confused. At origination there were five writers for the Sports Dump, but 3/5 of them only care about the NFL. That leaves Jumbo and myself to cover everything else. And that’s what we’re going do.

Tomorrow night is the 2012 NBA Draft. It’s not the best draft. Anthony Davis is really the only guy you would expect to be an All-Star type player, but there are a lot of good players way all the way down the line. Here’s what the Jumbo and I will think will happen.

Continue reading