The Morning Dump: 6/1/12

Finishing up the week and heading back up to NC.  Man I love short work weeks.

Can the Thunder continue their roll and get the series even?

The Thunder looked very strong against an unfocosed Spurs team.  I didn’t think the veteran Spurs would get caught up in the hype machine but they looked like they thought they had this series and were surprised the Thunder had any heart left.  This series may become the series that most thought it would be before the Thunder dropped games 1 and 2.  I still think the Spurs will win in 5 games.

I think the game 2 OT loss to the Heat will be very hard on the Celtics and I think the Heat will have this series finished by the end of the weekend.  When a team starts spending that much time blaming the refs then they are done.

I don’t know what is going on with MLB umpires but they are getting out of hand.  Quick hooks, outlandish strike calls and moving strike zones.  They need to call games and not try to get on T.V..

The L.A. Kings look to win another game in New Jersey to take a 2 game lead.  The rust is off and they will put it on the Devils.

Lindstrom walks away a legend.

Future NHL Hall of Famer Nicklas Lidstrom retired and put an end to a great career.  The 4-time Stanley Cup and 7-time Norris Trophy winner for the Red Wings, leaves the game as the best defencemen ever.

I am thinking a Greg Biffle win at Dover this weekend.  He loves the monster mile.

If your wife aint a dime, Coach Franklin aint got the time.

Vandy football coach James Franklin is looking for assistant coaches with “Hot” wives.  His motto is “Ugly girlfriend means no confidence”.  I love it.



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