The Morning Dump: 6/5/12


I ain’t scared.

You don’t cross the beard.  The Spurs learned that last night.  James Harden is legit.  The first road win of the conference finals happened last night and the Thunder are in the driver’s seat going back to OKC.

Can the Celtics continue to outplay the Heat and get a win in Miami?  I think so.

The Kings straight buried the Devils last night.  The 8th seed is breaking and rewriting records every game they play this postseason. 

Byron Buxton will be hitting jacks for the Twins by 2014.

The Houston Astros made Carlos Correa the #1 pick in the MLB Draft last night.  The Puerto Rican SS draws comparisons to A-Rod and will be in the majors soon for the Astros.  I also love the pick of Buxton by the Twins.  Picture Bo Jackson in his prime.  This kid will be a Hall of Famer.

Does anyone want the Charlotte Bobcats job?

Kurt Busch has been suspended for one race by NASCAR for his verbal rant at a Sporting News reporter.  I love Kurt Busch.  I love him in NASCAR.  NASCAR needs his angry ass in every race.

Quit calling me Stifler!

I watched Goon last night.  Not a bad fighting movie with a bit of hockey thrown in.  All it missed was the Warren Zevon song “Hit Somebody”.



2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 6/5/12

  1. Bo Jackson in his prime? How much did you drink for breakfast this morning Jumbo?

  2. I am pretty much a Bo Jackson expert and if I compare a player to Bo Jackson it is the highest compliment around. This kid deserves it. Byron Buxton will be a MLB stud soon. He is a 30/30 player with 40/40 potential. As long as the Cincinnati Bengals don’t ruin his career he will be a legend.

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