The Morning Dump: 6/7/12

Long week in Columbia.  I almost went and saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” but I smacked myself and got over that.  I am pumped for “Prometheus” next week though.

OKC closed out the Spurs last night.  The Spurs are tough but OKC is the most athletic and complete team in the league.  I am looking forward to Kendrick Perkins and the Celtics going at it.

You are going to have to wait until Saturday night to declare yourselves “HockeyWood”, L.A. Kings fans.  The Devils stepped up and now game 5 is going back Jersey on Saturday night.  I would love to see the Devils make a series out of this but I just don’t see it.  Game 5 goes to the new cup champs.

Justin Blackmon needs some help.  You don’t hold a press conference and admit to doing things you are currently pleading not guilty to.  His lawyer has to love that. 

It is sad that the man who writes the checks in Arizona is taking heat for calling out 2 of his star players for their performance.  Ken Kendricks is right to to call out Upton and Drew.  Maybe more should listen.

Bobby Petrino has donated all of his possessions from Arkansas.  Golf clubs, shirts, luggage and other personalized gear was dropped off at Goodwill over the weekend.  He even dropped off an Atlanta Falcons jacket.  He must have found that in the back of his closet because I can’t imagine him holding on to that on purpose.

Kyle Busch won Tony Stewart’s Prelude to a Dream dirt track race last night.  The race is very entertaining and all the proceeds go to charity.  Last year’s winner, Clint Bowyer finished 19th.

British officials have apologized to the South African Women’s Field Hockey team for playing the “Apartheid Era” version of the South African national anthem before their game yesterday.



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