This proposed Phil Jackson to Orlando plan is a bad idea.

Can he work his magic on the Magic from afar?

Here is a brief and raw rundown of the plan.  Sam Vincent (played for Jackson) would be the Orlando front office guy.  Brian Shaw (played and coached for Jackson) would be the Head Coach.  Scottie Pippen (played for Jackson) would be the Shaw’s lead assistant.  The Zen Master Phil Jackson would be the lead personnel man and maker of all major Magic basketball decisions from Los Angeles.  He would be a remote general manager.  He would be asked to be in Orlando one week a month and would be expected to make community visit.  Did you get that?

The only part of this plan I like is the naming of Brian Shaw as head coach of the Orlando Magic.  Shaw will be a quality NBA head coach.  He should be coaching the Lakers in the NBA Finals this season but the Lakers front office had other thoughts.

If you are trying to rebuild a franchise the first thing you don’t do is hire an absent decision maker.  I don’t care how many rings the guy has won as a coach.  Bringing in Jackson and a bunch of yes men is exactly what Orlando doesn’t need.  It would make the Dwight Howard/Andrew Bynum trade easier to complete though.

Jackson: Jeanie, do you want Howard?

Jeanie Buss:  Sure, why not.

Jackson:  I want Bynum.

Jeanie:  No!

Jackson:  Come On.

Jeanie:  Let’s get married.

Jackson:  You can keep him.

Jeanie:  Alright, just do the dishes.

Jackson:  Deal!

Most observers view this plan is a disaster.  That is why I think the Orlando Magic ownership might do it.


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