The Morning Dump: 6/8/12

The work week is grinding down and I am looking forward to seeing my girls.  Goodbye SC!  I’ll see you on Monday.

Will Imposed by Lebron!

Big time game 6 from Lebron James last night.  His 45/15/5 line was reminiscent of Wilt’s game vs. the Celtics in 1964 Finals.  When Lebron plays like this the Heat are unstoppable.  I don’t mean when Lebron scores 45 pts.  I mean when Lebron plays aggresive physical basketball.  I got a lot on Lebron.  He will get his own post.

The Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is at 9-1 and has shut out batters for 24 straight innings.

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Bubba Watson are paired together for the first 2 rounds on the U.S. Open and is the pairing to watch.  The cell phone cameras should be going off the entire round.

The pavement is fresh at Pocono and I think Kyle Busch is going to continue his hot week and get the Pocono 400.

I am tempted to pick Bradley over Pacquiao but I don’t want to ruin a potental Pacquiao/Mayweather fight.  Pacquiao in 12 rd decision.

The lawsuits of over 2,ooo former players have been combined to make 1 big lawsuit vs. the NFL on concussion issues.

Are you finished? Child Please!

Is Ochocinco done or will another team take a chance on him after the Patriots released him yesterday?


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 6/8/12

  1. Go Braves! On th way back to the top


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