The Morning Dump: 6/12/12

Chloe said before the race “She’s got to protect her boobies.”

The Morning Dump is back after taking a long weekend and an extra day off from carrying one of my junior dumpers on my back for most of the Susan G. Komen 5K.  It was a great time for a great cause.

After the rain delay killed any momentum he had built, Djokovic could not hold off Nadal’s run at his record 7th French Open title.  Men’s tennis now is the best it has ever been.

I think HBO had something to do with Chad Ochocinco signing with the Dolphins.  Need to get the interest up for Hard Knocks.

Congrats to the Los Angeles Kings on their first Stanley Cup title in their franchise’s history.  Jonathan Quick took home the Conn Smythe for the playoff MVP.  His 1.41 GAA was the best in the postseason since 1960.  The photo after the Stanley Cup win is the best victory photo in sports.

Watchout baseball.  The New York Yankees bats are waking up.

Bob Arum says that there will be no rematch until the scoring for the Bradley/Pacquiao fight is investigated.  Any investigation will be a farce until there is one regulatory body over boxing.

England was able to hold France to a 1-1 tie in the Euro Cup and after the game was able to strike a treaty with France.  If France has trouble against the dominating German team during the Cup, England will step in.  The USA has promised to stay neutral.

A woman turned this down? No chance.

Geno Auriemma and USA Basketball are being sued by a former security officer.  The woman says Auriemma tried to kiss her in 2009 and she spurned his advances.  The woman then said that she was removed from her job for the 2012 Olympics due to the request of Auriemma.  I don’t buy it.  How could any woman in their right mind spurn Geno Auriemma?


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