David Stern Just Blew Up On Jim Rome (With Audio)

Jim Rome asked David Stern about the NBA Lottery being fixed and Stern dropped a, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”


Audio courtesy of The Big Lead.


7 thoughts on “David Stern Just Blew Up On Jim Rome (With Audio)

  1. Really don’t understand the outrage over this. “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” is the textbook example (it’s even here: http://www.fallacyfiles.org/loadques.html) for a loaded question. Anyone who’s taken a logic class understands this.

  2. Yes. We all know that it was a straight lawyer move by a very good lawyer. Stern has used and said it before. It’s his go to move. But he really seems to be offended by facing questions on the lottery.

    • That’s because they’re dumb questions. As currently constructed, the lottery is impossible to rig. Owners aren’t complaining about it, only cynical fans.

      • And who listens to Jim Rome? Cynical fans. He didn’t ask him if the lottery was rigged. He asked what he thought about all the crazy theories out there. He got Stern on a bad day and made Stern look bad.

  3. I thought Rome looked the worse of the two. Stern called him out for using cheap tricks to get ratings, which he absolutely does, and Rome got upset. Rome made his name by trolling techniques just like this and Stern called him out. Guess it just hit a little too close to home this time.

  4. Of course. Rome has nothing to lose. His rep is the same today as it was yesterday. Stern needs to be above getting baited like that. Rome did what he is one of the best at and Stern reacted.

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