The Morning Dump: 6/13/12

Just trying to get over the hump and get into the weekend.  How about you?

Durant stared down the King and lived to tell about it.

OKC weathered the Heat for 3 qtrs and then decided to take over.  James played his best game in the finals of his career but did not score a basket for a big chunk of the 4th while the Thunder took over.  Durant on the other hand scored 17 of his 36 pts in the 4th and looked ELITE.  The was Westbrook’s good play and Wade’s bad play.  I can’t wait for game 2.

A-Rod hit the 23rd Grand Slam of his career to tie the legendary Lou Gehrig in the record books.  THe bats are officially awake in N.Y..

The conference commissioners that oversee the BCS are meeting today in Chicago to discuss a college football playoff system for 2014.  I have a mix of excitement and worry.  I will talk about this more later.

With their tie with Guatemala the U.S. has moved on to the next step in World Cup qualifying.

Floyd Mayweather’s legal team has asked the judge to let him finish his sentence under house arrest because they feel his physique is damaged beyond repair in prison.  Maybe if Floyd would eat the food they serve him (he refuses it) and drink the water they give him (it is tap and he will only drink bottled) this wouldn’t be a problem.  Is it wrong it makes me feel good that Mayweather is in prison crying that he wants Fuji Water and Filet Mignon?



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