The Morning Dump: 6/14/12

and a Happy Thursday to you all.

Matt Cain pitched the 22nd perfect game in MLB history last night and it was all because of Gregor Blanco who made one of the best catches ever to keep it.  If the pitcher gets his catcher a watch for the perfect game, what does he get Gregor Blanco?

From this moment on I do not care about mere no-hitters.  I will only get up for perfect games.  No-No’s are not that rare anymore.

Judge told Mayweather to get used to prison food and tap water because he was not reducing his sentence or moving it to house arrest.

USADA is going after Lance Armstrong again on doping allegations.  Unlike the federal government the USADA does not have to prove a crime they just have to show that he doped.  Armstrong could face bans and a stripping of his titles.

Maybe Wade should be concentrating on finding his shooting touch instead of worrying that OKC doesn’t have anything to do there.

Game 2 Heat win on the shoulders of a 40 pt, 12 reb night for Lebron.

Is there a cooler trophy than the Stanley Cup?


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