Quote Of The Day: Kirk Gibson

“You’re supposed to graduate, his mom and the rest of the family will be there. He’s coming to see me next week.”- Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson

This was Kirk Gibson’s response when asked why he was not going to return to Michigan on Friday to see his son graduate high school.  What was the rest of that boy’s childhood like?

Look Dad I rode my bike.  Your supposed to ride your bike.

I finished my peas.  Your supposed to finish your peas.

Look Kirk, Billy took his first steps.  He’s supposed to walk.

Or maybe this was just the reaction from a manager of a sub 500 major league baseball team that just didn’t feel like answering questions about his family?



One thought on “Quote Of The Day: Kirk Gibson

  1. Gotta Love’Ya Some Gibby, Fo SHO!!!

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