The Morning Dump: 6/20/12

Welcome Wednesday!  Let’s get over this hump together.

Miami has done it.  They have broken OKC spirit and are going to close them out on Thursday.  I know all these games are close but Miami just has fought harder in the late moments of the game.

A lot of NFL players are vocalizing their regret that they gave Roger Goodell “Absolute Power”.

Rays reliever Joel Peralta was ejected after pine tar was found on his glove by umpires searching at the request of Nationals manager Davey Johnson.  Peralta played for the Nationals in 2010 and it is believed a former teammate alerted Johnson to the pitchers like of pine tar.  Rays manager Joe Madden was not happy.  Expect a fun game toniGHT.

Ichiro got his 2,500 hit last night and will be the next to 3,000 career hits.  First ballot Hall of Famer for sure.

I checked out That’s My Boy last night and it was awesome.  I came in not expecting much but left after watching one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  If you don’t like crude humor don’t go see it but if you like crude humor go check it out.  Rex Ryan as a die-hard Pats fan was great.



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