The Morning Dump: 6/21/12

After going to see Rock of Ages last night, I got 80’s rock anthems rolling through my head this morning.

What if LSU, Alabama and Arkansas finish with 1 loss?

I looks like we are going to get a 4-Team playoff in college football after the conferences commissioners agreed on it.  It is now up to the college presidents but I think we will have it.  The only question now is the format for picking.  Will it be 4 best teams?  Will it be the 4 highest ranked conference winners?  I think it should be the best 4 teams in the nation but that may be a hard sell if the SEC keeps filling the top 5 with teams.

Percy Harvin is demanding a trade from the Vikings and it isn’t about money.  He is as frustrated with the Vikings uninspired offense as the fans in Minnesota are.

Troy Tulowitzki is having surgery on his groin.  Why?  Read the description of the injury “a single tear or multiple tears in his groin at some point, which led to the muscles fibers folding inward and becoming entrapped as the torn layer heals.” OUCH!!!  Get well soon Tulo.

Can the Hornets interest Williams enough for him to come to the Big Easy?

The New Orleans Hornets are clearing cap room and salaries to get ready for the rebuild.  I see them adding Zeller at #10 and a free agent PG among other things.

Evgeni Malkin won the Hart Trophy as the NHL MVP last night and the Swedes won the rest of the hardware. 

Will the rain go away for baseball today?

The Kent State/South Carolina baseball game was postponed until 12pm today.  The loser is done and the winner will have to go home a grab a nap and play Arkansas at 9pm.  Florida State/Arizona play at 5pm and if Arizona wins they are in the final but if FSU wins then they play again tomorrow.




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