The Fight Game: WBO Finds 5 Judges To Agree With The Rest OF Us.

The WBO had 5 international judges review the Pacquiao/Bradley fight and all 5 concluded that Pacquiao won the fight.  Surprised?  Manny Pacquiao does not get the belt back because this ruling or statement doesn’t matter at all but at least the WBO can say that we agree with you all.

Bob Arum is still wanting an investigation into the results.

Pacquiao will be fighting on November 10th, either against Bradley or someone else.  He and the rest of us hope it is Bradley.

I would be very wary of Bradley in this 2nd fight.  He has a chip on his shoulder now and has an entire world to prove wrong.

Weekend Fights to Watch:

Dallas Jr. vs. Castro Junior Welterweight 6/22 (ESPN 2)

Victor Ortiz

Ortiz vs. Lopez Welterweight 6/23 (Showtime)

Grano vs. Williamson Heavyweight 6/23 (Online)


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