The Morning Dump: 6/22/12

I’m dragging a little this morning after watching Lebron and the Heat put the beat down on OKC but I am going to give you some “Good Job, Good Effort” this morning.

How many more will he get?

Happy for Lebron to get that title.  He is one of the greatest of all time and is the best player in the league now.  Fact: Lebron and Jordan were both 27 when they won their first title.  Can Lebron get 5 more to match Jordan?

Juwan Howard becomes the first of the famed Fab 5 to get an NBA title.  Great moment for a great pro.  Mike Miller had a game that he will never forget.  He needs to go ahead and step away and retire on top like Jordan should have.

Joel Peralta gets a 8 game suspension from the MLB for having a foreign substance on his glove.  Joe Madden is going crazy.

Have you seen this puck?

The L.A. Kings have lost the puck from their Stanley Cup title.  Some Staples Center employee has a great piece of sports memorabilia.



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