The Morning Dump: 6/26/12

Hello World, get ready for The Captain.

Silva vs. Sonnen 2 will be EPIC!

I think Chael Sonnen has finally gotten under Anderson Silva’s skin.  The normally reserved Silva let loose on a UFC conference call about how Chael was a criminal and he was going to destroy his face.  Chael had Silva beat for 4 rounds of their first fight until Silva choked him out.  I can’t wait for July 7th.

Justin Gatlin didn’t do himself any favors with the female contingent of the U.S. Olympic team yesterday when he suggested that Felix and Tarmoh break their tie in the 100m by jello wrestling.  If you don’t know, Felix and Tarmoh tied for 3rd in the 100m and only I of them will get to represent the U.S. in that event.  They can either choose a run-off or a coin flip.

Arizona’s pitching was lights out vs. South Carolina in the Championship series.  With USC never being able to get their bats going the Wildcats were able to win their 4th college baseball title.  Good run for Carolina but they came up short.  There are some said Gamecock fans in Columbia today.  I might take one out to lunch.

I would feel better mentioning this is I wasn’t a Saints fan but here it is.  Saints DB Malcolm Jenkins went one-on-one with a high school WR in a best of 3 battle at Jenkins’ football camp in New Jersey.  Winner gets the losers cleats right off their feet.  Jenkins lost and gave this kid a memory that will last forever.

Marlon Byrd’s 50 game suspension is putting Victor Conte back in the spotlight.

Tony Parker is lucky he didn’t lose an eye in the Drake/Chris Brown bottle tossing contest.  He is doubtful for the Olympics next month.



One thought on “The Morning Dump: 6/26/12

  1. Julio is gonna torch that guy next season!

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