Mock NBA Draft: The Sports Dump Edition (well, minus almost everyone)


Don’t get confused. At origination there were five writers for the Sports Dump, but 3/5 of them only care about the NFL. That leaves Jumbo and myself to cover everything else. And that’s what we’re going do.

Tomorrow night is the 2012 NBA Draft. It’s not the best draft. Anthony Davis is really the only guy you would expect to be an All-Star type player, but there are a lot of good players way all the way down the line. Here’s what the Jumbo and I will think will happen.

Jumbo’s Picks

1.       Davis–  No doubts that he will be the #1 pick but he will not be the 2012-2013 ROY.  That will belong to the #4 pick.

2.      Thomas Robinson–  His is the most solid pro ready player on the board and will be a very good pro.  Charlotte needs to get this pick right.

3.      Harrison Barnes–  Barnes is a great talent and his workouts have moved him up the board.  He could go anywhere from 2-6 and I would not be surprised.

4.      Bradley Beal–  The scorer will pair well with Irving in Cleveland.  He will be a solid pro.

5.      Michael Kidd Gilchrist–  Great defender, great worker, great energy.  I love this entire top 5.

6.      Austin Rivers–  The Blazers need a guard and Rivers can play both at the next level.

7.      Andre Drummond– He can be Andrew Bynum type good.  Will he be?  Big question.

8.      Dion Waiters–  The Raptors need points and Waiters can score them.  He can play both guard spots also and will help.

9.      John Henson–  John Henson and Greg Monroe with be a tough frontline to score over in Detroit.

10.    Tyler Zeller–  I think the Hornets are going big and pair Zeller with Davis instead going small with Lillard.  I think they will get a PG in free agency.

11.     Perry Jones–  Pure athlete and upside will go to Portland and thrive.

12.     Terrence Jones–  The Bucks need some size to replace Bogut and T. Jones will do just that.  Perry Jones and Leonard are options also.

13.     Damian Lillard–  Lillard falls because of versatility but Phoenix will get its replacement for Nash.

14.    Arnett Moultrie–  If Houston has this pick they will go with size and Moultrie could be the man.


All of these picks mean nothing when the trades start happening.  New Orleans at #1 is the only pick that will not move.  All the others…  Who knows?


Richard’s Picks

1.     Anthony Davis– Duh.

2.     Thomas Robinson– T Rob has the look of an NBA star. That’s enough for Michael Jordan and the Bobcats.

3.     Bradley Beal– I mean, who doesn’t want a guy who shot 34% from deep at third overall? I’ve been told his stroke is good, so that makes up for his poor shooting percentage in college. I feel sorry for whoever drafts this guy.

4.     Michael Kidd-Gilchrist– Kyrie Irving wants his friend Harrison Barnes as a teammate, but Cleveland will be thrilled to get the second best player in the draft at #4.

5.     Harrison Barnes– What NBA team doesn’t need a lazy defender who only likes to jack up three pointers? I expect Demarcus Cousins to make the Black Falcon cry by the 3rd pre-season game.

6.     Andre Drummond– Portland has two lottery picks. Why not take a chance on an athletic freak?

7.     Terrance Jones– Golden State needs help down low. Jones has the talent to be an impact 3 in the NBA, but many question his motor. The Warriors hope Barnes will fall this far, but it’s unlikely.

8.     Damian Lilliard– Have fun wasting the first four years of your career in Toronto buddy.

9.     Jon Henson– The Pistons need help down low. After the 2012-13 season, they’ll still need help down low. But at least they got a good defender.

10.     Austin Rivers– The Hornets take another big game player to go along with Anthony Davis. Rivers can play either guard position in the NBA and should provide one half of some great alley-oops to #1 pick.

11.     Dion Waters– If the Syracuse guard falls this far, the Trail Blazers will be happy to jump all over him.

12.     Tyler Zeller– I expect the Rockets to continue making moves and get out of this spot, but if not they’re desperate for help down low.

13.     Kendall Marshall– Who better to replace Steve Nash than another pass first point guard who can’t play defense?

14.     Jeremy Lamb– The UCONN guard has the tools to be effective in the NBA. Does he have the work ethic?

Special thanks to the rest of the Sports Dump writers who ignored my emails. I’ll remember this next time you d-bags want to do another mock NFL draft.



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  1. In Soviet Russia, Mock Drafts YOU!

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