The Morning Dump: 6/27/12

I’m a little bummed this morning because before last night I thought I had a pretty firm grasp on U.S. presidential history.  I was wrong.  I had no idea vampires killed Lincoln’s mom, son and best friend.  If you are looking for a way to kill 2 hours, Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter isn’t bad but if you are looking for history stay away.  Did you know Harriet Tubman had a hand in helping the country fight vampires?

Goodbye BCS.  You will not be missed.  College football has approved a plan for a 4-team playoff starting in 2014.  The 4-team playoff is a great step but I believe we will have a 8-12 team playoff in the next decade.

This is pretty early in a season for a team/driver to announce a split but that is what Roush/Kenseth did yesterday.  Roush needs to make room for Stenhouse Jr. and it looks like Kenseth is going to Joe Gibbs Racing.  Kenseth will race for Roush the rest of the year and is 1st in the points after 16 races.  Roush has had trouble getting long-term and full sponsorship for Kenseth’s car.

Aroldis Chapman did 2 tumble rolls after closing out the Brewers last night.  I think the Reds players were more upset than the Brewers players were.  Don’t dig in to the batter’s box today, Joey Votto.

I can’t wait to read “Dream Team” by Jack McCallum.  From the excerpts I have seen it looks like it is going to be great.

The Houston Rockets are making a play at getting Dwight Howard for next season after trading players and going into the draft with 3 draft picks.  They have cap room so I believe they will bring him in and sign a free agent to make a 1 year run in the west.

If you can get away this afternoon, go and watch the EURO 2012 semifinal of Spain and Portugal.  Spain says they have a plan to shut down Ronaldo.  We will see.



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