15 Years Ago Today: Mike Tyson takes a bite out of Evander Holyfield

Where were you 15 years ago?  I was sitting in front of the TV with a group of friends after  ponying up $50 to watch Holyfield vs. Tyson II.  In a fight that was billed as “The Sound and the Fury”, Holyfield was on his way to defeating Tyson for the second time when Tyson decided to take a bite out of Holyfield’s ear.

Mike Tyson had complained about the head-butting of Holyfield in the first fight and after an inadvertent butt by Holyfield in the 2nd opened a cut on Tyson he just went “Tyson”.  He tried to come out in the 3rd round without his mouthpiece but Lane stopped him and made him put it back in.  Then in the clinch he spit out his mouthpiece and bite a chunk of Holyfield’s ear off and spit it on the ring floor.  Lane called a timeout and ruled the fight over until fight doctors and Holyfield’s camp said the fighter could continue.  Lane deducted 2 points from Tyson.  Seconds later in the clinch again, Tyson bit Holyfield’s other ear.  At the end of the round Miles Lane ruled the fight was over and Tyson had was disqualified for the biting.

Tyson lost his license for the next year and even appeared on Oprah with Holyfield to apologize in the years after.

This was just Tyson being Tyson.  Check it out!


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