The Morning Dump: 6/28/12

Watched The Hunt for Red October last night.  That is one movie that I can watch no matter how many times I have seen it?  Do you have a movie like this?

We will find out real quick how long the Yankees will be the best team in baseball after they lost Sabathia to the DL and Pettite for 6 weeks with a broken fibula.  I think they are going to go out and get a pitcher.

Berman and Dilfer are going to be calling the second half of the MNF double-header for ESPN.  I wish the ratings had a mute tracker.  12.3 millions will watch, 2.7 will listen.

The Michigan State Police have announced plans to set up DUI checkpoints outside of Ford Field to insure the safety of fans from drunk Detroit Lions.

Mike Trout made the catch of the year yesterday against the Orioles.  The 20-year-old will be a MVP candidate next season.

Anthony Davis faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a random stuff shooting contest.  Check it out. He even gets a blocked shot.

I didn’t mention it on Monday but I was pumped that Clint Bowyer pulled out the win at Sonoma.  I’m a little mad at him for getting the win on TNT and forcing me to watch their race coverage.  How many years are left on their contract?  They need to be replaced.

These Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Lochte battles will be very exciting in the Olympics.



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