What are the Bobcats going to do with the 2nd pick in the NBA draft?

After finishing the season with the worst winning percentage (.106) in the history of the league, the Charlotte Bobcats had visions of Anthony Davis swatting shots into the stands of the Time Warner Cable Arena.  The ping-pong ball had other thoughts.  The Bobcats are sitting with the #2 spot in the draft and are in need of some significant upgrades in this draft.  What are they going to do?

Option #1:  Keep the pick and take Kansas PF Thomas Robinson.  Robinson was the 2nd best player in college last season and will be a solid pro.  The only problem is that Charlotte needs more than a “solid pro” to get this team out of the cellar.

Thomas Robinson

Option #2:  Trade the pick to Cleveland for the #4 and #24 pick is this year’s draft.  This is the option that I think will happen and is the best for Charlotte.  The Cavs want Beal to pair with Irving and are scared he will not get past Washington at #3.  The deal would leave Charlotte Robinson or MKG.  They would also be able to get a solid player at #24 or move it for more picks.

Option #3:  Trade it for James Harden.  This will help the Bobcats this season more than any move but it has no long-term benefits.  Harden will be a free agent after next season and will not resign with Charlotte.  It would be a bad move.

Option #4:  Trade for Al Horford or Rudy Gay.  I think the Horford move would be nice but he would not bring the spark Charlotte needs to draw fans back to TWC arena.  Gay would do even less.

Al Horford


Option #5:  Trade with Houston for the #12 and #16 picks.  Houston wants to get up to #2 to have some ammo for a Dwight Howard trade.  This trade would give Charlotte some flexibility to get the nice combo that they really need.

Option #6:  Trade with Portland for the #6 and #11 picks.  I love this option and think the Bobcats should pounce on it hard.  This would give them a player like Barnes or Rivers at #6 and some size at #11.

What will they do?  Who knows?  If they let Rich Cho make the decisions they will do fine.  If MJ is making calls, then watch out.  It should be exciting.


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